You can now play Legends of Callasia on Android tablets

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Dec 13, 2016

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We've been covering the growth of multiplayer strategy game Legends of Callasia for some time now and it's astounding to see how far it has come. Boomzap Studios has definitely worked hard this year to develop and nourish the game's full potential.

This tabletop RPG launched on Steam back in June 2016 and a lot has happened since then...

We've witnessed the overwhelming support of their fans when the Stoneborne expansion pack successfully reached its Kickstarter goal in a span of a few days. We saw the game's audience grow as it launched on iOS for the iPad. It has even won awards for both 'Excellence in Gameplay' and 'Best Multiplayer Game' at the first International Mobile Gaming Awards in Southeast Asia for its iOS version. Clearly, all efforts made by the developers behind this game paid off.

But they won't stop there.

Just in time for the holiday season, Boomzap has made Legends of Callasia available for Android tablets. So aside from its already available Steam and the App Store variants, you can now get the game on Google Play. What's more, if you purchased the game in any of these stores, you will also receive Legends of Callasia on the other platforms, making it a one-time buy all around.

2016 may be ending but we're pretty sure Boomzap has big plans for 2017, so we can expect a lot more Legends of Callasia content (and maybe some other games by the studio) in the new year to come.

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