You can now turn your selfies into paintings with Meitu's Andy the artbot feature

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Tech | Dec 18, 2017


Full disclosure: I'm a fan of using the imaging software Meitu on my phone. Not to create compelling photos (I have friends who do that for me). I just use it to kawaii-fy my existing photos and make others question my sexuality.


Now the same company who made the app is launching Andy, an artificially intelligent Meitu artbot who breaks up your ugly selfies and turns them into bonafide paintings. How it does this is the app recognizes the human face in the photo, no matter how hideous it is, isolates it from the background, and turns it into a work of art not even your mother will be able to recognize.

Using the A.I. requires the same human interaction as any Meitu feature, so the resulting photo doesn't look like something out of a bathroom stall. And, like all Meitu filters, this looks like a fun way of fooling friends and relatives into thinking you've made it as a muse for a famous painter.

Andy is already available for free on the Meitu app for Android and iOS devices, so expect a lot of Christmassy painting profile pictures before the year ends.

About the author: Carlos Zotomayor

Zoto can see your underpants. Mmm... tasteful.

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