You can't see John Cena in his newest starring role in Blue Sky Studios' 'Ferdinand'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | May 16, 2017

20th Century Fox Ferdinand John Cena

And with that title, my job here is done.

Who knew that after 18 years of pro wrestling, the only thing this famed athlete wanted to do is voice animated characters? Good on him though; at least he won't be making grand epileptic entrances or contributing more bad internet memes.

Ferdinand is based on a children's story of a male cow who looks like he was born with one too many X chromosomes. Instead of having an overdeveloped sense of masculinity and having his face featured on burger joints, this big softie would much rather spend his time smelling the flowers like an outdated hippie in this world of hipsters.

This doesn't bother his mum one bit. Because she was bestowed with every mother's superhuman ability to deal with her child's bullshit (heh, bull joke), Ferdinand's mother is content with seeing her son happy that she doesn't mind it when other bulls are being all macho and trying to reenact Randy Savage lines.

Things take a different turn however when Ferdinand is mistaken for a savage beast by the Spanish locales and shipped off to join in the country's favorite sport. And though you think a bull playing football would be a funny premise for a movie, I'm talking about the barbaric activity of bullfighting. 

With a bigger tendency to compliment the matador's outfit than to run him through with his horns, Ferdinand concludes that the best place for him would be back at home smelling sunflowers than in a fighting ring pushing daisies. Though the Munro Leaf classic had the humans sending him back to his hometown, the upcoming 2018 film sees him interacting with a zoo full of characters as he discovers that being a peaceful cattle is a load of bull.

With human stars like Gina Rodriguez, Kate McKinnon, and David Tennant voicing animal cartoons hedgehog Una, goat Lupe, and Angus respectively, Ferdinand looks like an extension of John Cena's persona as people get to see that underneath all that muscle and white rap is a wrestler who just wants to be a gardener.

Prepare to grab the New Year by the horns when the film comes out on January 8 in the Philippines.

His time is now.

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