You totally saw this 'Persona 5' anime coming

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

TV | Aug 1, 2017

Atlus Persona Persona 5

Never a stranger to its Japanese roots, the Persona series has everything you could ever want in an anime. There are spiky-haired teenagers who dress up in school clothes. There is the option to romance said teenagers in school clothes. And of course, there is an alternate world made up of other people's deepest thoughts and desires that could keep a tabloid company in business for a century.

Though it did have a 20-minute short to promote the game's release in Japan last year, Persona 5 the Animation will be a thorough retelling of the events that take place in the franchise's newest release. Produced by developer Atlus and A-1 Pictures (the same people who made Persona 4's anime adaptation), the series will debut at an unspecified time in 2018.

The trailer shown is predominantly in Japanese and unless you're a devout otaku, knowing the names of the voice actors won't really help you get an idea of the characters' speech.

There isn't any word on an English version, but being able to see the Phantom Thieves take on hordes of monsters without waiting for their turn to attack is a welcome change of pace. 

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