You'll never see the horrors coming in 'Perception'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jun 2, 2017

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Being blind isn't necessarily a bad thing. Though you'll never be able to watch a movie, make proper eye contact, or get anywhere without the aid of someone else ever again, there are advantages to not being able to see.

You'll never know how ugly your spouse is, meaning you will have to judge them based on how sexy their voice sounds. Chores will be done by other members of the household, leaving you with lots of time to sit on the couch and indulge in some mind-numbing televis... Oh. Well whatever the case, Marvel's Daredevil has taught us that losing one's eyesight heightens the remaining four senses to a superhuman degree, effectively making you cooler than your seeing friends.

At least, that's what The Deep End Games' debut game wants us to believe. Created by industry veterans who worked on poo-in-your-pants titles Bioshock, Dead Space, and Rock Band (peer pressure is always scary), Perception aims to give players a first-person view on what it's like to not be able to view anything.

Behind the non-seeing eyes of Cassie, you are plagued by nightmares that lead you to a seemingly abandoned house in New England. Now whether or not you dream with sight is irrelevant, as you explore the dilapidated building with nothing more than a cane and a cellphone - something everyone seems to forget when visiting a haunted location.

Using Cassie's supernatural power of echolocation, players can "see" via the numerous sounds that bounce off the walls and objects in the mansion. Be it the rustling of leaves, the tap of your cane, or the subtle tune of dubstep blasting from a boom box, you can momentarily use sound to get a grasp of your surroundings.

As it turns out, the house is only devoid of human beings; as it also plays host to moving dolls with guns, ghosts, and an ominous being known as the "Presence". But instead of using her phone to call the Ghostbusters, Cassie chooses to hang onto her pride by unraveling this mystery herself.

Without a weapon, her only means of evading the residence's many enemies is to either hide or distract them by any means possible. Using your cane is the easiest way to get their attention, but it also leads the otherworldly beings closer to you like strangers in a fully packed subway train. This forces you to use objects scattered around the house as sound traps that keep your pursuers distracted from your ever-malleable face.

Like Amnesia and Outlast, players have to be clever and find holes in enemies' patrols so they can get by undetected. What's different though is that you're blind. This may not seem like much, but the added dread of not being able to see forces you to make a mental map of where the best hiding places are (such as behind the fridge, where leftovers and dead rats disappear forever). This demands players to immerse themselves in their surroundings, else some unseen monster gouges their useless eyes out.

Perception is now available on Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Sadly, the game cannot be played while closing your eyes, ruining the immersion for blind players everywhere.

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